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2018 Levy
The 2017/18 Levy is R1413
Your next AGM will be held on the 28th March 2018, Venue DLC Church at 17:30.
Emergency Numbers
IPSS control room 086 132 4777; Security cell phone number 061 223 5118; IPSS medical 082 391 1911; M4 gate house landline 032 946 0685/6; Steven Gomes Estate Securi...

About the Seaward Estates Portal

GLO-Portal is a Community Management System (CMS) custom developed to enhance management and communication in Residential Communities. It consists of a central web-based community portal and a Body Corporate management platform.

Apart from a range of management and communication functionalities used by the Management Committees of leading communities using GLO-Portal, members have access to the following when accessing their Community Portal:

Update your personal details: Each member can (and should) update their personal details directly in the portal. Having an updated database is key to the effective communication and management of our community.

Communication with SEMHOA or other Community Members: Notes can be sent directly to SEMHOA via the portal to ensure your issue gets the attention it deserves. 

You can also communicate with other members by posting status updates or short personal news feeds on the "Community Wall". Also be on the lookout for news posts from SEMHOA.

Find Service Providers in your Community: Looking for a Plumber, Electrician or other Products and Service Providers in your community? Start your search at the MySP directory in the Community Portal. 

My Service Provider is South Africa's premier online estate service provider search facility, specialising in helping members finding local Service Providers through the highly localised GLO-Portal service provider search engine.

View Current and Previous Levy and other Billing Information: View your current and previous billing information directly in the portal. Invoices and Statement can be printed and re-printed, anytime, at your convenience.

View, Download or Print important Documents: Important documents relevant to our community, such as the Memorandum of Incorporation, Code of Conduct, etc. are loaded in the Document area. These documents can be viewed, downloaded or printed at your convenience.

View Newsletters and other documents in Electronic Magazine Format: Newsletters, selected documents and other interesting information can be viewed from the portal in electronic Magazine format (e-Mag). Select the E-Mag menu item and the document to view, where after an electronic magazine type document will open in a new window. Page through the document just as you would have done with a printed magazine.

Other Exciting Features: SEMHOA, in partnership with the Portal provider (GLOVent Solutions) are constantly working on adding new functionalities to the portal for the benefit of all members. Kindly watch this space for more details in the near future. 

GLO-Portal is proudly provided and supported by GLOVent Solutions ( 

Please contact SEMHOA for more information on the system.

Accessing the Communication Portal 
Members of SEMHOA can access the Portal by entering their username and password in the member login area on the website. 

Please contact SEMHOA should you require any assistance in this regard.

Tel: +27 32 946 0685/6
Fax: +27 32 946 078
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