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2019 Levy
The 2018/19 Levy is R1413
Your next AGM will be held in March 2019.
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Swimming Pool Fences

Swimming Pools are amazing in the summer and we all love to have open access to a pool, but they can also be dangerous when small children or people who cannot swim are around. It is important to keep your pool properly fenced-off in order to protect those around you – if you fail to comply with these regulations you could be seen guilty of an offence.

You may surround your pool with a fence or a wall, including balustrades-systems or glass walls. This wall must however go around the entire pool and have a self-closing gate. Your wall should be constructed in such a way that child of 7 years or younger will not be able to climb over it, crawl under it or squeeze through it or gain entrance to the pool on its own in any way.

You may choose to put a wall or fence around your whole garden, including your house as well. Or fence your pool in such a way that your house wall forms part of the wall/fence around the pool.

Here are some example of ways in which you can enclose your swimming pool.

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