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2018 Levy
The 2017/18 Levy is R1413
Your next AGM will be held on the 28th March 2018, Venue DLC Church at 17:30.
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IPSS control room 086 132 4777; Security cell phone number 061 223 5118; IPSS medical 082 391 1911; M4 gate house landline 032 946 0685/6; Steven Gomes Estate Securi...

About Us

The by line for Seaward Estates - "Come Home to North Coast Country" sums up best what the intentions of the Estate are, although we are classified as a gated housing Estate we wished to take this one step further, the word Home is very significant and has a vastly different meaning to the inanimate word House. Our Estate’s aim is to provide Homes which are animate rather than Houses, we have deliberately allowed for developments to erect a large cross section of Home sizes catering for the financial needs of most families.

The Estate is 100 hectares in size, 22 hectares of which have been zoned as environmental areas, giving our residents access to environmental areas of some of the most prestigious coastal forest areas, wetlands and open space. These environmental areas are monitored and maintained by our Environmental consultants who operate from offices on the Estate.

The locality of the Estate gives easy access to the Ballito retail hubs of Lifestyle Centre, The Junction and Ballito Bay Mall all of which are within easy walking distance of the Estate. Ashton College which caters for ALL grades although not formally part of the proclaimed area of the Estate is on a section of the original land purchased by the master developers, children living on the Estate have easy access with no major road crossings.

The Netcare Alberlito Hospital and The Well Centre from which the majority of Ballito's medical fraternity operate from, are both located within the commercial zone of the Estate allowing for quick and easy access to medical assistance. The main Ballito beaches are within easy reach from the Estate.

In an effort to create affordable Homes the Home Owners Association makes every effort to ensure that the levy structure is maintained within CPI increases, our levy structure is one of the lowest in the area. Having said this, the Association also ensures our balance sheet remains liquid and attempt to ensure that there will be no need to impose special levies.

History of Seaward Estates

Seaward was originally part of a large sugar cane farm owned by Dr Doulgas Crowe, the farm encompassed what is now Seaward Estates and the Ballito Business park on which the Lifestyle Centre stands. A joint venture was formed in about 1998 between the then NBS and Pope Chester who decided to jointly develop the property. As in many business ventures the partnership soured and after a hiatus of a few years agreement was reached whereby the successors of NBS BoE  Developments would take over the residential component and Pope Chester the business component.

The first site office was a mobile home situated where the post boxes now stand.

In 2002 there were five houses in Seaward Villas, construction had started on the church and there was hectares of sugar cane, Seaward Drive, Catherine, Sarah, Georgina and Alexandra roads had been constructed.

Then the houses suddenly popped up like mushrooms, San Lorenzo, San Paulo, and San Nicholas. At the launch of San Zingaro all properties were sold within two hours. We suddenly had anything up to 1,500 construction workers a day entering the Estate.

Phase 2 was launched and roads and services from the M4 to San Jose were constructed. As soon as this was completed the site office, a smaller older container office, was moved to the M4 gate.

Sales in phase 2 continued unabated as they had done on Phase 1. In September, 2004 it was announced that the Master Developer BoE would be pulling out of running the Estate once the last erven owned by them had been sold.

At the AGM on 15th October, 2004, the first three "resident" Trustees were elected, these being Mr H Attenborough, Mr H Beckx and Mrs A. Leies, in terms of the constitution the remaining two seats would be held by BoE one of whom would remain as Chairman, this being Eric Quevauvilliers the BoE project manager.

In the latter part of 2005, Eric Quevauvilliers was withdrawn from the Estate by BoE, from this time onward the Estate was run solely by the Home Owner Association.

At the AGM held on 4th May, 2006, due to the pull out by BoE, the first ALL "resident" Trustee board were elected and Mr H Attenborough was elected as Chairman.
Construction continued full steam until 2010 when it slowed down quite dramatically, there were however already 667 levy payers on the books and approximately 500 of the 800 units completed.

The Estate is currently at about 70% capacity, sales remain fairly high and rental stock is in great demand, whilst construction is currently relatively slow it is still happening, a sign that the Estate is still excellent value and sought after by many.

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