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2018 Levy
The 2017/18 Levy is R1413
Your next AGM will be held on the 28th March 2018, Venue DLC Church at 17:30.
Emergency Numbers
IPSS control room 086 132 4777; Security cell phone number 061 223 5118; IPSS medical 082 391 1911; M4 gate house landline 032 946 0685/6; Steven Gomes Estate Securi...


If I have an emergency on the estate who do I call?
Medical: The closest hospital is Alberlito Hospital in Ballito 032 946 6700 (Next to the M4 Gate)
Security: Please contact the security staff at the main entrance gate on 032 946 0685 (Option 3)
Ballito Control Room: Police, Fire, Ambulance etc: 032 946 2711

If I have a snake on my property, what do I do?
Don’t panic! If the snake does not remove itself, phone Neville on 082 561 4969. (Please note they might charge for this service, however they are the experts). 

Who manages the running of the Estate?
The day to day running of the Estate is carried out by the Estate Management team and the strategic planning is done in consultation with the Trustees of SEMHOA - Seaward Estate Home Owners Association.

There are up to six Trustees who hold executive positions and are elected annually at the AGM.
The SEMHOA Management team are available between 08h00 and 16h00 Monday to Friday, the offices are adjacent to the M4 main gate.

Phone: 032 946 0685/6 select option 1 (This is diverted to security after hours.)
Fax: 032 946 0784

Which Estate Agents can I contact to purchase or lease a property?
You are able to use any one of our agents within the Estate. 
If you are concluding a private sale or lease, please take a look under Protocols: Sales/Letting for all the forms that you will require.

Are Pets allowed?
Yes owners are allowed 2 pets under 20 kgs each, however in Sectional title Developments, pets have to be approved by the sectional title development first.

Who can help me with my Financial account queries?
Our Managing Agents are Ballito Estates
Dhiran Maharaj
Tel: (032) 946 2055

How do I go about submitting my plans?
If you need to build a fence, do an alteration or an addition to your unit, please submit the following to the office: We would require a set of four formal colour plans and one normal, to be handed into the office, once approved by SEMHOA you will be notified and you will have to have this passed at the local authority. Awnings and the like, as well as pools require formal plans. You will be issued with a contractor’s protocol that will need to be completed before you start with your renovation. Please send all queries to

Is there a specific construction or Architect Company that I should use?
You may use anyone you prefer with the following provisos:
  • The Architect must be registered with the Kwa Dukuza Municipality
  • The contractor must comply with the provisions of our Contractors Protocol and must be registered with the NHBRC

Why is there a levy stabilization fee?
A once of fee of R10 000 is a contribution regarding services which the original developer was required to put into place e.g maintenance of roads, sewer, lights.

Who is liable for the Estate Levy, and when is the first payment due?
The individual owners are liable. The levies are paid from the date on which our Managing Agents are advised of transfer of property. The current monthly levy amount is R1413 from 1st October till the 30st September.

Are post boxes available in the Estate?
There are post boxes available in the estate, at a once of fee of R400.00. Please contact the estate office for more details. These post boxes are situated at the Ballito Drive Gate.

Who pays for water, electricity, rates, etc.?
The owners are responsible for this payment. The rates and electricity are charged by the KwaDukuza Municipality 032 946 8000. The water is billed by SEMHOA and charged to your levy account.

I would like to paint my house. What colors can I use?
We have a paint pallet that you are able to view in our office boardroom.

How secure is the estate?
We confidently confirm that currently, the two secure main entrance gates are manned 24 hours a day; in addition to this the gates are monitored with CCTV surveillance. Security guards continually patrol the perimeter fence (24/7). The security office, based at the M4 gate, handles the issuing of access and identity cards to residents, as well as other functions.

What are the working hours for Construction and/or Contractors?
Monday to Friday – 07h00 to 17h00 excluding public holidays.
During the festive season all construction is banned for contractors holiday; this is normally between the 15th December and 15th January.

When is garden refuse, household refuse & recycling day, and where do I leave my refuse?
Household refuse days are Tuesdays and Fridays. Black bin bags are to be used for refuse disposal.
Garden refuse & recyclable material day is Wednesday. White Dolphin Coast garden refuse bags are to be used for garden disposal & specific bags are to be used for recycling; these bags are both available upon request at the estate office. Please note that Dolphin Coast will only collect 3 bags per property.
All refuse must be placed on the verge, in your green wheelie bin, on the days that the waste services collect as indicated above and must be removed if not collected by sunset.

How do I dispose of any boxes or packaging materials?
These items may NOT be included in household or garden refuse for collection by the service provider. These items may be disposed of at the Dolphin Coast Waste Management site at Shakashead - Telephone 032 947 2979.

Who do I call if my household or garden refuse is not being picked up?
Please call the Dolphin Coast Waste Management site at Shakashead on 032 947 2979.

Are there any parks in the Estate?
Yes. We have the San Tarena family park, Alex park in the middle of the estate, San Hills park and San Jose 1 & 2.

How do I change the access days of my Domestic Helper or Garden worker on a once off temporary day?
You will be required to do this at the security office which is based at the M4 gate.

My Domestic Helper or Garden Worker works for my next door neighbor as well as myself.
Please make sure that your Domestic Helper or Garden Worker has an access card for your address, as well as for your neighbours address. You will be held accountable for him working elsewhere on your card.

Who is responsible for pointing out the boundary pegs on my site?
All sites have been surveyed and marked, however some pegs have been removed, damage and/or destroyed. The owner is responsible to obtain a land surveyor to find any missing boundary pegs, and to properly identify the single residential Erf / site. Please contact a land surveyor to complete this for you.
It is advisable that each new owner has this completed.

Are fireworks allowed within the Estate?
No big bang fireworks are allowed within the Estate. Other smaller, non noise, fireworks are allowed on specific days as per the municipal bylaws. Please report this to security asap!

Tel: +27 32 946 0685/6
Fax: +27 32 946 078
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