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2018 Levy
The 2017/18 Levy is R1407
Your next AGM will be held in March 2018. The venue and time will be discussed closer to the time. 
Emergency Numbers
Security 032 946 0685, Alberlito Hospital 032 946 6700, Ballito Control 032 437 5570

Environmental FAQs

Can I landscape my entrance and verge?
You may plant up and landscape you verge on condition that:
  1. you inform the estate management of your intentions and what you intend to plant
  2. that all material is indigenous and complies with the plant palette and regime of the estate, and the roadway in question
  3. that the estate reserves the right to remove such landscaping.

Can I cut down a tree on the verge
The estate generally does not allow for the removal of trees on the verge or estate property unless:
  1. the tree is a physical threat to property
  2. the tree is incongruous with planting palettes being introduced

A tree is obscuring my view, I want it removed
There is no right to a view. Viewsheds are not guaranteed. Pruning under agreement with the estate may proceed subject to conditions.

May I feed the monkeys?

Feeding wildlife is generally not acceptable and in particular monkeys. Feeding of animals alters behaviour in animals and is a danger to both people and animals.

Does the Estate have conservation areas?
22% of the Estate or 22 hectares have been reserved solely as conservation areas, whilst we encourage residents to take walks through these area we ask that they treat them with care please do not damage this very fragile eco structure.

Do we have Conservation walking areas?

We have two walks which are called "Walk on the wild side" and "The Eastern Trek". Grab the dogs and the leads, take a walk, and go and explore.
Tel: +27 32 946 0685/6
Fax: +27 32 946 078
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